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Spreeblick mit neuem Layout

Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2007, 11:10

Das größte, wichtigste, merkwürdigste Blog Deutschlands, Spreeblick, hat ein neues Layout.
Sehr viele schöne Kleinigkeiten, besonders die Eselsohren gefallen mir sehr. Irgendwie für meinen Geschmack zwar immernoch etwas voll und unruhig, aber das ist wohl in diesen modernen Zeiten... modern.
Anyway, sehr gelungenes Redesign, das mir die Finger wieder kribbeln lässt. Braucht hier irgendwer noch einen Designer/Programmierer für ein lustiges kleines Web-Projekt?
- Dennis

Holy f*ck... German?

Freitag, 01. Juni 2007, 13:59

Yeah, I know, you probably won't have noticed, but I just translated all the other sections into German.
Why? Well, this is a .de-site after all.
Why jetzt? Well, I don't really know... It just felt like the richtige time to do so. I have been thinking about this Idee for quite some time but today, it felt right.
So, what will change around hier? Not too viel, really. I won't translate the Noise-Teil of the site but all subsequent Einträge werden in German sein.
As you vielleicht realize, I'm trying to ease the Übergang für you here... I hoffe you don't mind.
Also, ab jetzt alles auf Deutsch hier... mal sehen, wie das so wird ;o)
- Dennis


Montag, 29. Januar 2007, 22:22

My band's website just received its first major overhaul since its inception. I've moved it away from a mixture of self-written script-mastery and the textpattern weblog system to serendipity, a little piece of software that I've really grown to like.
It does everything I want it to do, is extendable like hell and doesn't get in my way too much when I try to do something nasty (like hooking up my own lyrics-displaying scripts to it). So far, a rather pleasant experience.
I combined the redesign with the move to my own server just like with this site a couple of weeks ago. So far everything's just fine and dandy and I'm excited to see things happening so fast.
2007. I told you!
- Dennis

Standards, Standards, Standards!

Donnerstag, 21. April 2005, 22:06

I just wrote a rather lengthy post in a forum about the reason for me sticking to web standards. And, I have to admit, I wasn't completely honest. It's not just about making sites accessible for any kind of browser on any kind of device (which is nice). It's not just about being rather safe when future versions of browsers come out (which is nice as well), not relying on wrong behaviour of the old ones.
It's also about satisfaction. I love writing good code and I love coding good sites. I love clarity, purity and simplicity, both in layout and code.
And I just can't understand how anybody can feel different about that.
- Dennis