Router woes

Mittwoch, 09. November 2005, 21:05

I'm currently building a new router for my internet connection. It is, just as the old one, based on the FlI4L distribution allowing me to have a nice gui for everything on my clients while I can still have a nice robust Linux system at hand.
Yesterday marked the start of everything with the arrival of my D-LINK USB Ethernet adapter. I'm building everything based on a Via Epia board which only has one PCI slot. Because I need two ethernet ports (one for my LAN, one for the [hopefully somewhen coming] broadband) and an ISDN thingy (I like seeing who's calling on my PCs), I had to go this way.
The installation worked rather flawless with just a few minor hiccups mostly caused by my stupidity or the limitations of the beta version of Fli4L I'm using. These were worked around quickly and everything was good.
Today marked the beginning of chaos. I ordered a passive power supply to minimize the noise emitted by that thing a couple of days ago and installed it today. The problem was that the cable for powering the harddisk was too short for the case I'm using. This is why now everything (mainboard, psu, harddisk, isdn-card et al.) are all neatly piled beside my desktop awaiting a new case or a longer cable for the goddamn harddrive ;o)
I also noticed that the harddrive does not spin down as it should (probably caused by a DHCP leases file being written to disk every once in a while) and that the CPU fan is way too loud. I tried putting it of but after running the thing for a couple of minutes, a burnt finger proved that this wasn't the best of ideas.
That's why I got a fan control from eBay - we will see whether all this works out.
Man, this thing is turning into a money sink.
But you always have to tell yourself: Experience is good, experience is good...
- Dennis

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